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If you are looking for custom vehicle wrap design to have a unique identity of your company and build a brand, then here we are for you. When you want to grab the attention of the automotive lovers, then you need to have an eye-catching yet powerful car wrap design. Not only it allows you to connect with them but also to get a response for the target audience. 

Though I don't know what type of design thought you have for your vehicle, I can assure you whether it's a truck, van, bus, sports car or any other type, our designers are capable of creating marvelous car wrap design for you. 

Our designer completely follows the custom design requirements, trends and creative concept to uncover your real ideas into the real world. So, do you need more exposure of your brand to get more clients?

Are you wondering how you can create an outstanding design that would get the audience's attention immediately? 

Do you have any custom wrap design concept in your mind and want to bring into the real world?

If your answer is yes, then you are certainly ready to get your dream car wrap design. Best Graphics Design will provide you completely solid custom car wrap design that will represent your brand strongly. One power design will naturally meet your brand and business goals as quickly as possible.

Here, our professional designers create a user-focused design with modern design material to meet your design needs perfectly.

It doesn't matter if you are a Car racer, Driver or Entrepreneur, get your custom car wrap at your will.  Order your custom car wrap design here…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Generally, the vehicle wraps are made of vinyl using vehicle adhesives. If the wraps are made by 3M and Avery, then, the adhesive will last long and stay durable. You can use PVC or vinyl chloride as a strong adhesive. 

Ans: Usually, vinyl wraps are very strong and durable. The vinyl car wrap can last around 7 years and so. If you ensure proper maintenance then it can last even longer. 

Ans: You can use a car washing solution and hand washes your car wrap. First, you need to clean the dirt, then spray water and scrub the car with a clean and soft sponge along with washing soap. Make sure the soap is no abrasive. 

Ans: You can wash a wrapped car, however, it's recommended to wash it once a week. If the car is used regularly and prone to get dirty, then use delicate soap and clean the car whenever you feel like it. Use a soft and clean cloth to wash your wrap.

Ans: Paint is usually a lot cheaper than a car wrap. However, you need layers of paint which is about the same cost as the car wrap. In some cases, painting may cost even more than the car wrap.

Ans: Usually, small size car needs around 55 ft. vinyl to wrap the car fully. If the car is mid-size, then it may require around 65 ft. and more. 

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