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"BestGraphicsDesign", "Us" "We" refer to "https://www.

"Services" Design Services refer to services offered by "BestGraphicsDesign" now or the future by any means or any for, every time or always.

This site refers BestGraphicsDesign website not limited but including any subdomains, mobile or localized version.

1. All User Content:

“BestGraphicsDesign” promises and be aware of protecting of its customer, client or buyer information through advance administrative tools by third parties.

By sharing your personal information on our site you have to or agree to use disclosure and your information is completely safe. If you disagree with that our service is may not for you.

This policy explains and proves our privacy practice for its customer to make sure the safe journey with using our services. The policy can be changed for any reason and any means to update the regular security and we invite you to notice the periodical policy update.

2. Children’s Privacy Policy:

Children under 18 are not eligible to use our services. So if your age doesn't match the criteria don't expect or claim for our services. Fundamentally we don't keep the personal information of the person under 18 old or below.

For any reason, if your children need design services as it going to under your information like Address, mail, telephone number and you want to take parental responsibility, in this case, contact:

3. Relevant Information We Collect:

3.1 Information You Provide To Us

a. Personal/ Individual Information:

We need the primary information like e-mail address, location, phone number, Skype or hangout IDs for contact purposes. When you contact for our service always explain the details of the project with requirements. If you have sample work add it with your project requirements. And try to keep clear your requirement including website URL, the Business name too.

b. Information We Collect For Your Use of Best Graphics Design:

When you log into Best Graphics Design website we know your activities that site may automatically track your work to identify that you are doing your member work smoothly. The site also tracks your IP address, your location for more security to prevent any kind of fraud activities.

When you connect with the website we may collect any social media like Facebook, YouTube Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram(Including but not limited)

For any reason, we contact us our Support and Marketing team will collect your general information to provide you the better service.

When you create an account in “Best Graphics Design” Website to take our service after completing your order process you will get Member login IDs from where you can log into our site for any help or more design choice as much as you need following your requirements.

When you provide feedback on your primary design we will collect your name and e-mail information as well as your feedback content to reply.

If you would like to rate our design services we will collect your photo, location, mail, and address, portfolio and website URL to make sure our customer that you are the real person.

c. Payment Information:

When you completely process your order and make a purchase then immediately you will be redirected to the third party URL or payment gateway service of our partner. 


3.2 We collect information from your use of Best graphics Design

We know all your activities and the way you use Best Graphics Design for the outrageous experience. Out third-party tool track, your login location and your address to prevent fraud if anytime it occurs.

We also take information from social media if you connect with us through any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube.

For any reason, if you contact us using e-mail or other communication media then we keep the information in our database for future safety.

3.3 Google Analytics Tracking

We use Google Analytics and Search Console to track our visitor data. It does not collect any individual information just track the visitor demographics for marketing purpose.

For Google Analytics Check:

For Google Search Console:


4. The WAY Best Graphics Design Use Your Information:

When you submit your information and access to our website as a user. We take your information every time secure for both of our security. So rate us to serve you better all the time and whenever you need us.

As per the Privacy Policy, we use your e-mail, phone number and other regular information that publicly available.

The email we receive to send you the confirmation order, invoice, design feedback to connect with you necessarily. And you will also get the newsletter, discount offer if you want to from Best Graphics Design.

Contact Us:

If you find any question on this Privacy Policy immediately contact  or mail us -

5. Your legal rights to Keep Your Information:

a. To cancel the subscription and Avoid Newsletter:

When you join in our newsletter series you will get regular newsletter whenever we publish it. So it possible not to pay attention to the newsletter we provide. So in this case, if you unsubscribe those from your email you will never see our newsletter again.

b. Do not disturb:

 When you unsubscribe from our email list you may immediately get a message to confirm you do not want any newsletter. When you confirm you completely stop getting the email.

c. Change or Updating the Personal Information:

Try to copy your personal information and keep it safe because anytime or every time you log in our website requires this information. If you find any challenges mail us if any case you are not completely satisfied with the response let us know immediately because we always make sure the quality service.

d. Information Updating:

You have full room to update, edit and correct your information whenever you want to. You can do it manually or contact our technical support to do that for you.

6. Security System:

We committed to save, secure and protect your data through the best technical update and administrative tools. If you put any sensitive data with your information or personal data the (SSL) layer technology prevent it automatically. Keep in mind no technology is 100% secured that can prove to anyone to the real world. And we always updating our security system to give you the best security experience in a legitimate way.

7. Third party sites:

When you start using our site you may experience or go to the other parties’ website through the link. And we have no control over others site and if they use any unethical Information tracker to collect the information we have no responsibility for that at any cost.

8. Privacy Policy Changing Rules:

Best Graphics Design can change our privacy policy whenever we want to serve our customer in the best way. So we ask you to visit this page whenever you have time to see the "Last Update"


Last Update: July 2020