31 T-Shirt Design Trends for 2022

Think about opening your own t-shirt brand? The industry is in the boom. You should start right away. Do not worry about the design. There are tons of popular design trends that you can follow in your t-shirt brand. Each of them is already bringing success to the other brands then why not you? This post will go through 31 t-shirt design trends that will be popular in 2022 and beyond.

Read On The Hottest 31 T-Shirt Design Trends For 2022

1. Repeating Text

For the sake of the people in the back, say it a little louder. Repeating your message is a sure way to make your point. It will have the desired effect while also producing a well-designed shirt. This t-shirt design idea is ideal if you don't have a lot of design experience but still want to make a trendy tee on your own.

2. Hand-Drawn Designs

Hand-drafted designs are always so characteristic and important. These textured, pencil-like drawings will be a popular design trend in the coming year. The crisp, detailed line work leaves plenty of room for your imagination to run wild.

3. Abstract T-shirt design trends

Abstract art is more symbolic and deep. It is like saying so many things without even uttering a single word. Wondering how it is possible? This is why abstract design is so powerful and has been leading the design industry for many years and is going to lead this year too.  People who love to say things with art , love mystery and love to convey symbolic meaning of life are the ones who love such design. As a business owner if you want to communicate a special message through abstract art then you should apply this design in your t-shirt

4. Flipped Text

Use the flipped design and typographic effect to give yourself an excuse to shoot a great mirror photo. This design style is a creative spin on the repeating text design trend, and it's just as simple to make.

5. Bright Colours t-shirt trends

Colors that are bold and brilliant will be prevalent in 2022, sprucing up any ensemble. This year's colorful t-shirt trends will have a hue for everyone, including blues, magentas, mint greens, and more.

6. Multi-Colored Words

Add a splash of excitement to any text design by transforming letters into a rainbow of colors. The color palette you select for the lettering will influence the overall tone of the shirt. Keep it basic with a few colors, or go all out with a distinct color for each letter

7. Artwork-inspired T-shirt Design

Almost any sort of artwork may be made into t-shirt art for the artists among you. The options range from store-bought to custom-made. Perhaps you'd want to convert your child's painting into a wearable piece of art. 

8. Landscapes in T-shirt Designs

We're intrigued with 2022 t-shirt landscape designs. This year, the earth will be a major focus in design print, from mountains to slopes everywhere. Mountains have grown in popularity this year as a result of their symbolic implications, which have inspired metaphorical phrases all across the world.

9. Flower Power

In 2022, it's all about teeny-weeny flowers. Delicate, feminine, and hard to resist. If you want your flowers to encircle a picture or a quotation, the choices are unlimited. Flowers, for example, symbolize pleasure, fresh beginnings, and optimism. There's a floral-themed t-shirt out there for everyone's taste. You may also make your own if you like.

10. 60s and 70s Retro T-shirt Designs

Retro typography from the 1960s and 1970s is sweeping the market. T-shirt designs feature hippy colors, designs, and wording in a variety of psychedelic fonts that will set you free and make you want to throw caution to the wind. Get your groove on with a funky tee that will serve you well at that festival in 2022.

11. Bold and Confident

This year, the bold and brave among you have the opportunity to stand up and be counted with bold wording design tees. The greater the size, the better. What exactly do you want to say? These design-your-own or store-bought tees say it all. Make a bold statement in 2022.

12. Book Designs

Books bring our community together in more ways than we realize. This design trend, popular with Independent Bookstores from across the country, helped these companies to keep open in new formats, pay employees, and serve their communities throughout the COVID-19 closure process.

13. Bizarre Imagery

This design trend for 2022 will have horror fans everywhere queuing outside stores, according to the dark-minded among you. Consider terrifying past surgeons and scattered human parts, and you'll be on the right track. This is a one-of-a-kind, macabre experience that should not be attempted by the faint of heart. These, on the other hand, are eye-catching conversation pieces.

14. Fun Artwork

Wherever there is design in fashion, there is also fun. In 2022, you'll see fun tees almost everywhere. The possibilities for creating a fun t-shirt are endless. There are no guidelines. It's all about the fun element, whether it's Instagram, Facebook, or a picture/drawing of your pet dog.

15. Animals

This year, animals are enormous. Since social media platforms spread in the 1990s, people have shared pictures of their loved dogs and cats everywhere. A beloved design for t-shirts by famous people worldwide. So if you would like a t-shirt, send a picture to your printer and the rest. Alternatively, in 2022, in many shops, animal t-shirts will be available.

16. Pirates T-shirt Designs

Yes, even pirates! It'll put your swords all over on t-shirts. This is one design which you will love in 2022 for the fantasy lovers out there. Think of Caribbean pirates hanging on huge ships from their cords.

17. Feathers and birds

Birds, as well as single feathers, are symbolic for a variety of reasons. T-shirt designs in 2022 will incorporate these two elements in a variety of ways to cater to a wide range of tastes. There are numerous options available, ranging from love birds to exotics.

18. Small text

From the broad and audacious to the teeny weeny. Small-text, even barely-there text, will be on the opposite end of the design spectrum in 2022 for t-shirt design trends. So, if you're timid or introverted but still want to express yourself, keep it simple.

19. Sage Green

Colors on this list have been mentioned before. But sage green is the color of this summer, and wise people will be on t-shirts in the shops. Regardless of the design, this rarely used color is somewhere to be seen.

20. Tarot Cards 

The usage of tarot cards on shirts is one of our favorite trends this year, with the artist modifying this well-known design theme. Tarot cards, with their own iconography, symbolism, and esthetic, offer a plethora of elements from which to take inspiration. This design style is great for people that want a visual representation of their message.

21. Handwritten Typography

Using your own hand-drawn fonts, you can add a unique tone to your design. A range of moods can be funky, retro, bold, or delicate in your hand-drawn letterforms. The flexibility and individuality of your own lettering makes it a perfect choice for almost any T-shirt that you design.

22. Gothic T-shirt Design Trends

This design has become a hot cake this year. Skeletons, mythical creatures and all these elements are used in such design. We all feel connected with the myths and stories. So when people see them in design it surely grabs everyone's attention. Besides the eye-catchy design, attractive typography and color mixture makes it so lucrative that it can hardly be ignored. 

23. Cartoons T-shirt Designs Trends

Who doesn’t love cartoons? This is something that we loved in our childhood. Now these trends have become so popular these days too. They become so trendy that you can see them almost everywhere. No doubt such a design can benefit your business a lot. Cartoons used to be popular and still popular for the young people.So you can easily guess this trend can lead further ahead.  

24. 80s Grunge-inspired

The 1980s' faded worn look has returned with a vengeance. These t-shirt trends will look great with your skinny jeans this summer. This is a great alternative if you don't like things that are too bold or too bright.

25. Warped Text

Distorted text is an excellent way to make plain text stand out on a t-shirt. With warping there are never ending possibilities! With a wavy retro design, you can even throw it back in the 1970s.

26. Words to Ponder in your T-shirt Design

Lockdown, pandemic and every other thing happening from the last two years are making everyone depressed. So everyone is looking for motivation. Then why not on the t-shirt they are wearing. Quotes, motivational lines etc are the main elements of this kind of design. In 2022 this has become so popular that almost everyone is looking for it. Because I want to stay motivated during this tough time. 

27. Arched Text

In your design, use arching text to take the font from ordinary to outstanding. Whether it is applied as a full circle or as a partial circle, it is an easy way to improve your shirt design to make it a must for your community to add a curved effect to the text in your design.

28. Rainbows in T-shirt Design Trend 

Tell me how you feel when you see a rainbow in the sky? You surely feel lifted and happy. So if such a design is placed on the t-shirt they will be attractive too. No doubt they are adorable for all. This is why they are trending almost everywhere. You can call this year a happy rainbow year, at least for the t-shirt design trends. 

29. Bendy Bodies

Add bendy figures to your design to give it some personality. These playful characters, usually hand-drawn and paired with bright colours, are a great way to flex your creative muscles and to show human figures something more personality.

30. Hand Illustrations

Hands can tell so many stories, both literally and metaphorically. Sign language and hand symbols are a direct, yet silent, way to convey your message in your t-shirt design. On the other hand, you can use them to express a sense of community, companionship, and connection.

31. Nature-inspired T-shirt Design Trends

Nature is the trending topic right now. People got really serious regarding nature. Due to the lockdown we have seen so many changes in nature that amazed people. So, more people got interested in nature and love to show their love for nature. Yes, this is one of the trending topics then why not put them in the design. You can use animals, trees, wildlife to show the passion in the t-shirt. 

How to Design Your T-Shirt 

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Final Thought 

You can use all of these trendy design ideas for your t-shirt business or can choose one that matches your passion and choice. Studying your target customer is the best way to make your decision and can save your money. Since all the designs are popular they can surely bring money to your table. If you are not a designer but a businessman by heart then never try to do design work by yourself. Hire an expert designer and tell them to design for you. Graphics Design Limited is the best design company in the market. They have years of expertise and knowledge. They can provide high quality t-shirt design within a short time. So, why are you waiting?  Hire them for high quality t-shirt design and get impressive trendy t-shirt design. 

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