The Purpose of a Logo: Top 13 Reason to have one for your business

Have you ever thought about how people can recall big brands like Nike, Addidus, FedEx? No doubt a big bunch of marketing activities work behind this recognition but an attractive logo of these businesses push this mission forward.  Logo is essential to establish a brand identity. People perceive your brand consciously and unconsciously through your brand logo. No matter how big or small your brand is, a logo is a must for a strong brand identity. The purpose of the logo is so dynamic. For so many reasons your business must need a logo.  In this blog we have discussed the top 7 reasons to have a logo for your business. So stick to this blog and find out why your business must need it. 

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1. Logo Makes You Identical 

There are thousands of brands in the world. Even in a local market you have to compete with the thousands of brands. The market is competitive, fierce and you need something to shield your survival. 

Logo makes you identical, and helps you stand out in the market. Your customer can differentiate you with other competitors through your logo. So you don’t get up with other brands. 

Just think, if your consumer fails to recognize you then they will fail to buy your product or service. As a business a solid recognition pushes the business towards success. With a logo you become identical, you can create a specific brand image in the mind of the consumer and thus increase sales. 

With a logo you can easily fit it with your marketing communication. It will create a repetitive exposure that establishes a positive impression in the consumer mind. 

2. Logo Create Positive First Impression

First impression is the last impression. Logo is the first thing your consumer will be exposed to. If it is eye catchy and meaningful then it conveys so many good messages about you.
 They will perceive you professional, trustworthy and experienced in the field.
But with the plain text you will surely be perceived as an amature in the market. Besides, text can’t be lucrative and pretty tough to memorize. 

Yes, with a logo you have a chance to create wow factor for your consumer without a logo you are just missing the great great opportunity. So, do you really want to miss it? 

3. Logo Deliver Your Brand Message 

Is it possible to deliver your message in almost every place your brand communicates? In your business card, your flyers, your invoice, your merchandize bags? With a logo you can. Logo opens the big door of communication for you. Even in the places where you are not allowed to market but you are allowed to use your logo. A logo can convey the core message of your business, it can show what specific your brand does for the consumer. The best thing about logos is, it can show your worth in a very attractive way. 

So, with a logo you can communicate everywhere your brand moves. It connects your consumers mind psychologically and thus impacts your sales figure. Besides with logos you can always be in the right place with the right message. 

How you will convey the message mostly depends on your brand personality. It can be funny, witty, emotional or whimsical. It can be a simple thing but conveys a deep message to its consumers. No matter what type of message your logo conveys it establishes your brand in the mind of your target audience easily. 

4. Showcase Your Key Feature 

Have you ever noticed the logo of FedEX? It has an arrow in the middle of E and X which means fastest delivery. This special feature is conveyed subconsciously through their logo. With this logo they want to prove that they can deliver in a very faster way than anyone.

 It is one of their unique features that attracts customers. Like FedEX you can also show your unique feature through your logo. The repetitive exposure of your logo will create a reliability in the consumer mind and thus they will start believing your unique feature. 

No matter what types of logo you use, your unique feature of the business can be shown on any type of logo. Rather it becomes more meaningful and attention grabbing for the consumer. However, with a good logo your consumer gets an overview of your business, understands why you standout in the market or why they should become your client. It creates a powerful impact on their mind. 

5. Boost Branding

Logo is a powerful tool for branding. A well thought of logo is the perfect tool to establish strong branding in the market. Your consistent marketing approach with the consistent exposure of the logo does impact the mind of the consumer. It may take time but keeps the brand ever green and competitive in the market. 

Just think about Toyota, Mercedes, Addidus, Nike all of these brand logos become so identical that you can identify them without their brand name.  A simple half eaten apple is enough to tell you it is from Apple, a tick mark is enough to tell you the shoe you want to buy is from nike. 

All these depend on how well you design your logo. If it conveys a meaningful message, follows basic rules of logo and is attractive then it is enough for brand success. 

6. Creates an Emotional Connection

Which color you are using in the logo and choosing it for your brand also matters a lot to the consumers. According to the survey 80% consumers said colors help them to easily recognize the brand. In short, with a good logo you are creating a solid emotional connection to the mind of your consumer. 

Even if you are taking a specific place in their mind and influencing their purchase decision. All these can only happen if you have a good and attractive logo. 

7. Represent Your Target Customer 

Successful marketing is all about being in the right place in front of the right people. If you are promoting products for the middle age people but invite people from a young age then surely your brand won’t see expected success.

It is all about designing everything for your target audience so that they check your product, taste your product and convert to a final customer. 

Logo does this job very well. A good logo defines its target customer, attracts them and invites them to check the product and service of the business. With just a logo your business conveys the exact message to everyone to every place it goes. 

8. Logo Makes your Business Trust Worthy 

There are thousands of businesses in the world. Among them, why would people trust you? Everyone says they are the best, but consumers know not everyone is the best. But a logo conveys a specific message , unique values to the customer. With it’s consistent exposure and organized representation, logos become meaningful to the audience. It creates association and bonding with the mind of the consumer and thus creates trust in the mind of the consumer. 

A well designed logo creates an impression in the mind of the consumer. Your consumer started to perceive you as the established brand, they started to trust you. So, your business credibility started to peak and you started to grow. 

Logo also gives a consistent guideline for the whole branding. Like, your brand color, background theme of the brand for further communication and so on. No doubt with consistent organized exposure such this makes your business reliable and trustworthy. 

9 Ease New Product Introduction 

A product is new if it is not backed by any established brand. But a product is new but goes half the way if it is backed by an established brand. This is because you already have a set of loyal customers who trust you and rely on your brand. So, when you introduce a new product line to you and place your business logo on the product then your customer grabs it without thinking. 

Besides, logos minimize your marketing cost too. You need not to spend much since you already have a bunch of loyal customers who trust you and believe in you. 

Where other businesses spend years to establish their new product in the market you will  need only a few months or a couple of years to grab the lion share of the market. Yes, with just a logo on your new product. Isn’t it great ! 

10. Logo Creates Strong Brand Recognition 

Walter Landor, a renowned brand designer once said -  “Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind”. Yes, it is all about the mind game and mind manipulation. How well your consumer can recognize you defines the most of the success of your business. 

A good logo with a consistent approach makes it easy for the consumer to recognize you. With good design and aesthetic it creates a positive impression and turns into positive action. 

As a human, recall color, pictures more easily than the written word. So, with a good logo and attractive color combination and design your target audience can easily recall you. Even some associations become so strong that audiences can recognize them with just the brand color.

11. Meets Target Market’s Expectation 

As a consumer the first thing we seek is the logo of the brand. No matter what product or service you are offering, your consumer will always look for the logo. 

This is because your target consumers are exposed to tons of logos everyday. So it becomes the standard and a tool to memorize your product and service. 

Logo will help your brand to create strong connectivity and brand association. Without log you are simply missing the great opportunity. 

12. You Stay Competitive 

Business is competitive. Your single mistake can bring huge losses for your company. On the other hand, your futuristic decision keeps you ahead of the competition. 

When you are thinking someone is definitely jumping and using the opportunity that you have overlooked. Yes, it is the logo that can bring huge change in the market competition . Even a well thought of logo can help you to grab the lion share of the market.  

You will always stay competitive in the market no matter what. Your logo will convey the unique feature of your business and continue business growth. Logo might seem simple but the impact is huge, at least in the competitive market, where a single mistake matters. 

13. Logo Enhance Profitability 

At the end profitability matters. No matter what you do, you want to see the profit as the sign of your success. With a logo you can grow faster. Logo builds enhance brand awareness, brand recognition and thus increase the sales of the company. Since consumers can easily recognize you, and purchase your product repetitively. 

All these can only be possible with an attractive logo and a strong consistent brand communication. Where you communicate repetitively through logo, brand color and so on. With these repetitive exposure it creates a special place in the consumer mind that influences their purchase decision. As a result your sales figure rises high. 

How to Design Attractive Logo 

Logo is very crucial for your business. As you can see it can bring profits, customer trusts, brand recognition and so on. So with an amature approach it can ruin all the possibilities. But the attractive design surely can go above your expectations. So, expert help is must for a custom logo design. You must hire someone who has a rich portfolio and a very good skill in designing. Who have a bunch of professional designers who can dedicatedly work for your project. 

Graphics Design Limited is such an organization that can help you in designing your business logo. They are expert designers with a solid understanding of logo design. They are not new in the market, for years they have been serving a huge amount of customers with satisfaction. They have an expert design team, expert skills perfect for your business project. They don’t focus on money, rather they value customer satisfaction. They are affordable too and always give on time delivery. So, no matter how difficult your project is, they will finish it on time and you will get it on time. Even with their premium service you can get the design within 1 day. 

So, do you still think logos are unnecessary for your business? Surely not, rather you are missing out on a massive growth opportunity. Still you have time for the fresh start. Contact Graphics Design Limited and they will take it from there. Within just a few days you will get such an attractive logo for your business. Is just that easy! So contact us now! 

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