8 - Different Types of Logo Design For Small Business Branding

When you explore the real world of logo you will see this is not the only type of logo design in the business. Businesses use a different logo for a different industry.

When you go to the Car industry you will see the car type logo or see the pet industry they use the completely different logo from the car. And there are completely different for some reasons, structural, psychological and industrial aspects involved with this to create a better result.

Every industry has its own needs demands and wishes and when you getting touch with them you must focus on the way specific industry always evokes. And the logo is nothing but a marketing tool and genuinely has the value to build the brand and connect with the audience a symbolic way.

So if you find yourself to understand different types of logos which one you can use in your business to meet the brand requirements then read along and find out what those logos are.

8-Different Type Logo Design for Business

"Logo" that is the most common, useful and works great is going to present here it’s not everything. We place one place we just cover the top list to understand your needs.

1. Health And Medical Logo:

This type of logo used in the health and medical industry including anything that relevant to pharmaceuticals they need it.

If your business is serving patients, Medicine companies, doctors and so on to get the user's attention then surely you must use the health logo.

2. Photography Logo:

When you notice carefully the photography industry you will see a big list of photography business surrounded everywhere like Social Media Photography, Family/Portrait Photography, Event Photography (Weddings, Concerts, Party Photography), Fashion Photography, Corporate Photography, Landscape Photography, School Photography, and the list go on.

So I invite you to be aware when your business match any of this specific sub-niche then design a photography logo for dynamic branding.

3. Technology Logo:

Technology is unlimited today and the countless business you will see in the tech industry.

If any of your businesses similar to the Desktop, Laptop, Mobile phone, Software, Networking, AR, VR, Inventory control and customer relation management system business then you must need a technology logo for your business to grow it smartly.

4. Car Logo Design:

The most interesting, useful and passionate industry is the car industry. There are multiple businesses involved with this industry that you will immediately notice like Taxi/Cab Service, Bus Shuttle Service, Trucking/Haulage business, Airport Bus Shuttle Services, Dump Truck Business, Food Track business and more than 50 plus car rental/repair service in this industry.

So if you find your business relevantly connected to this industry then consider creating a car logo.

5. Sports Logo Design:

Have you ever observed how people are passionate about sports? They are investing their hours after hours watching their favorite sports.

I might not give you the sports business list because I think you surely know the list of sports and when you carefully committed to growing your business in this industry make sure you have a sports logo at the beginning.

6. Restaurant Logo Design:

People love food everywhere all the time doesn't matter where they live or sleep.

If your logo doesn't capture the food lover's attention then it may surely the biggest challenge for you to narrowing down your competitor and sell more food.

So when your business serves the human stomach I encourage you to create a design restaurant logo for your business for better response and massive customer. Real Estate & Construction Logo: One of the biggest markets in the US and Canada is real estate.

It doesn't matter whether your business is connected with Residential real estate, commercial real estate or industrial real estate or anything similar to the construction business create construction logo for stronger branding and strong connection with your audience.

7. Pet & Animal Logo Design:

We love Pet/Animal and consider so many things for it. I don't know which business you are in whether its Pooper-Scooper Service, Dog Clothing and Accessories or Pet Sitting you must need your audience to understand you are there to help them and create a pet logo exactly the way they love.

8 Custom Logo Design:

It's a structure of logo the way you think, feel and imagine and create it the same way.

For example, you have a logo concept for your business and your share your thoughts with the designer and suggest them to create the exact logo for your business. When the design your logo maintaining all of your recommendations it’s a custom logo design.    

So finally I just want to let you know that before designing and creating your logo... understand which business you are in and how smartly you can communicate with your audiences.

The list of the logo we packed here only the way you can understand what type of logo you need to create for your exact business.

If anything you find not similar to the industry or your business is out of the list we organized here then create a custom design at your choice for greater advantages.    

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