Christmas Card ideas for your inspiration

Christmas Card ideas

Christmas without cards is simply unbelievable. As Christmas is coming in a month! are you planning to get some exciting Christmas card ideas to fill the heart of your near and dear ones with joy? Follow my lead…

Being a devotee of arts and crafts, I never miss the chance of making cards and gifts for my family and friends. And Christmas is the most important event that I always plan ahead and come up with thematic ideas no one has seen before. To me, hand made cards are lit because it's made of love and emotion. 

If you also feel the same and fond of creating cards with your hand, then you are at the right place to get some cool ideas. From kids to adults, brothers and sisters, friends and families, boy to girl, there are plenty of ideas you can follow to create thoughtful card for whomever you like. 

Check out the below ideas and pick up the ones you like to use for making cards or wrapping gifts. 

Christmas card ideas for kids 

Kids love to get cards. The fun fact is you can design cards for children however you want, they will love it anyway. Just make them colorful, playful and something they can relate to. Here are some jolly ideas that will make Christmas memorable to them. 

Magic Santa Card

Christmas and Santa are inseparable that kids await on every Christmas event. You can make a Santa card for them in many delightful ways. Using cotton balls, red fabric, and button, you can easily make Santa cards. 

Another idea is to make a magic Santa card. Draw two Santas. One on an envelope and another on a piece of paper. Color the other one and put it inside the envelope. When the Santa is inside, you don't see the color. When pulled out, you see a colorful Santa. 

You can go all creative with this idea in your way. 

Game card 

You can create a snow globe on a card. On a simple card, cut a hole in the center in a globe shape. You can put stars, sequin, Christmas tree or glitter and close the hole with transparent paper. Shake the card to see the moving objects. 

You can make it an aquarium or outer space or a dreamland drawing different objects on the card. 

Button Snowman Card

Don't have time to make cards? Here is the easy way. 

Take three buttons and ribbon you can easily create a snowman on a card paper. Just draw a hat and your card is ready. Write a message or draw a background to make it look lively. 

Using spray paint on card 

Do you want to make your DIY card look lavish? Pick spray paint. 

Whether you take silver, golden or any other color color, it will give an exquisite look on your card. You can create a design with different colors or add ornaments on the card with a cute message. 

Macaroni pasta 2d card 

Have you ever thought of using macaroni pasta on a card? Here is your chance to show your creativity. Pick any of the shapes of pasta you like and color it. You can use them to make moth, Christmas tree, waves or whatsoever. This can be a really cool idea to put on a card. 

Pop-out Card

2D cards are really appealing. You may keep the front of the card really simple, let the magical feature stay inside. You can create a pop-out cake, Christmas tree, Santa etc on a separate piece of paper and attach inside the card. As the kid opens the car, it will blow their mind. 

Christmas card ideas for friends

You can greet your friends with cards as well. Here are some ideas that will make your friends feel special. 

Ornament Card

We all decorate our houses with ornaments during Christmas. Why not use it on a card. Pick out little stars, colorful studs, sequins, teardrop stone, pearl etc to create easy and cool card for your friends. 

Cut-Out Card 

You can create shapes in a cut our card. Here are some cheesy ideas. You can attach a colorful paper on one side of the paper. Fold it in a card shape. Now you can cut out shapes like flowers, leaf, century, snowman, star etc. Cut in a manner that will resemble the same you imagine and push the edges up to create dimensions. Now you can color or give texture to give it a sophisticated look. 

Festive Felt Card

No matter how old we are, we never get old when we are with friends. So while making cards, you can still craft with colors, fun design to rewind the nursery time. Since Christmas means a long holiday, lets welcome it with colorful cards.

On simple white or brown card, you can create colorful Christmas trees, balloon, snowflakes, stars and things that reflect and remind us of happy holidays. 

Scenery card

Scenery cards can be charming and you can utilize your creative skills. On a plain card or poster, paint your favorite moments with friends. You can find many interesting ideas about scenery card. But, I love painting. Thus, I prefer to draw meaningful card to cherish the precious memories I have with my friends.  

Ribbon and washi tape card 

Are you fond of colors? Do you want o make magnificent Christmas cards in less time. Then pick up washi tape and ribbon. They will help you make colorful Christmas cards effortlessly. 

This Christmas you can get washi tape that represents Christmas and new year. Or you can simply pick glittery stars, polka dot, flower design washi tape. Choose some colorful tape and ribbon that will pop out on a simple white, brown or black background. 

Christmas card ideas for family 

Nothing can be so blissful than spending the Christmas holidays with family. The most exciting thing we get from our family on Christmas Eve is delicious food and gifts. On this occasion you can create cards to show how valuable your family is or simply show your gratitude. 

Sweet Stocking Card

Gifts in stocking from Santa used to be the most precious moment for me in my childhood. Creating a stocking card is very unique and brings back the memory. You can draw stocking on a plain card with watercolor or acrylic. Or you can create a 2D card keeping a sweet message inside the stocking. 

Thumbprint card 

With thumbprint you can actually create lively cards. It's easy to paint cherry blossom, reindeer, cherry, or some cool shapes with thumbprint. Try it with acrylic color. You will love it. 

Hand-painted card 

Hand painting cards are thoughtful and precious. You can draw cute designs, patterns, scenery, spray paint or anything you want. Add lace, ribbon or ornament to make the card look more colorful and attractive. 

Romantic Christmas card ideas  

Christmas for your love is certainly special. Whether it's your boyfriend or husband, you’ve gotta make a special card for your special one. Check out from the below ideas for suggestions. 

Slideshow card 

You certainly have plenty of memories that you have captured with your love. Print those out to make card. You can make several cards with photos or create a photo book. It's your time to go all creative how you want to make it. Go for the pattern that will put a smile on your loved one’s face. 

Creative 3D Photo Card

3D cards takes a lot of time to create but it can certainly make your love go wow. If you are eager to see that expression, then go for 3D card. Usually it's a box that comes with surprises. You can also use message along with photos. Perhaps, you can add photos in chronological order since the day you met. Or photos from precious moments. Totally up to you. If you want to learn how you make it, you may find videos on youtube. 

Photo Bunting Card

Photo bunting cards are really delightful. All you need is string attach different photos and keep them in an envelope. As the person pulls out the string, it will bring out the photos they cherish. You can cut the photos in heart shape if you want to express love. Don't forget to include a wishful message for Christmas inside. 

Sentimental cut-out card

Sentimental cards are easy to make. If you are afraid of not having any art skills, this idea can work for you. Simply cut out the word love, Christmas, joy, etc on the envelope. Then put the most loving image of you with your loved one. Can you imagine the wonderful moment this simple card make? 

Stitched Shape Card

If you love simple ideas and believe in “less is more”, then go for stitched shape card. You can cut a little piece of fabric in heart, star or snowflake shape. Then stitch it on the card. You can also create 2D card using the fabric as a pocket. Keep a cute message inside.  

Final thought 

Here I come to an end with the list of Christmas card ideas. Hopefully, these ideas will bring bundle of joy on Christmas eve.Point to ponder! when you put so much thought into the inside of the card, don't neglect the outside! You can easily make a cool envelope out of wrapping paper or pick any of the ideas you like from the list. 


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