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10 Of the Most Creative Business cards Ever!

Are you thinking of having a business card to get familiarized with your clients? Here you will have a clear cut idea regarding the business card design. 

A business card is a helpful means for the marketing of your business. If your card has a creative touch, it will serve your purpose in the best possible ways. Besides, this is also important for those who are anyway related to design works. 

The reason is that creativity is the prime concern of any type of design. So, making no late, we are proceeding towards having an ample view regarding business card design. 

Putting the information in the right place and using the appropriate design can help you to influence your clients positively. 

Remember! A business card is the first impression of your business or company. One gets the idea about your business just looking at your business card. So, a simple thing does a lot! Isn’t it?

You may think that the internet is a good means for today’s marketing. Of course, this is true. But one should be practical in thinking. How? Okay, then listen to the fact. 

Most of the fewer priority mails go to the trash folder of an e-mail ID. So how can you be sure about your reach to the target people?

Solution!! A printed business card will help you to have a real impact on your clients. Because you will send it to your clients directly; not to the air. 

As soon as your card reaches to the customers, they will be informed about the business you deal with and the service you provide. Therefore, practical work is more effective than virtual work.

10 of the Most Creative Business cards are here for your inspiration.


01. Leaf Business cards


Business cards can be of different types. From the structural point of view, a leaf business card usually has a different look from other types of business cards. 

The upper part normally remains to widen where the name of your company, the name of your service and the location of your business can be put. 

The lower part can be used for a contact number or email address. Having a unique structure, leaf business cards can be your best choice.


02. Abstract Business cards

The abstract business cards are quite suitable for business related to photography and architecture. 

Abstract business card design is very professional and lucrative to draw the attention of the clients. It is also modern and eye-catching. 

But the best use of this type of business card is possible through the placement of your information appropriately on the card. 

The proper placement of your information makes the card more effective and useful.


03. Circular Business card 

The circular business card is also a unique type of business card. Its format is circle type and the middle portion of the card is vital for putting the information there. 

A reflected design or even the light reflection of your business brand logo can be put in the middle part. Then, the name of your company and service should be there so that it looks more attractive to the clients.


04. Eco-Business cards

If you are anyway related to eco-friendly products, this sort of business card will be the perfect one for you. Just use an environmental touch on the card to impress the people about your business. 

The card should be designed in a way so that the clients get an overall idea about the service. Here, the use of color is very important. 

Any eco-friendly color you can use but the most preferable one should be “GREEN”. Green color represents our environment most effectively.


05. Custom Business cards

Custom business cards are quite favorable for winning the race of business marketing. It attracts the minds of the people easily. 

A custom design can help you to secure a long-lasting impact upon the mind of your target people. 

The very design makes people understand the purpose and objective of your business. More than anything, creative design is the supreme issue of custom business cards. 


06. Square Business cards

What type of business card should I choose? This might be your question. To answer the question, we just say that the square business card can be the best one for you. 

Though it’s quite common, its appeal is still at the highest position. A logo or only texts you can put on the card that will attract your clients for sure.


07. Double-Sided Business card

Do you need to put more information to encourage your clients? Then the double-sided business card is the solution. 

The first reason is that it will allow you to have more places to put much information on the card that you can hardly do in one-sided business cards. 

It is helpful for those who want to make people informed about a service in a detailed way. The front part one can use for putting the information regarding the business. This will be helpful for the clients to have a basic idea about the business. 

Besides, the back part of the card is good for putting the information about the location of the company. Then why late? Just order your first business card to boost your business.


08. Transparent Business Cards


The transparent business card is a modern and professional business card. It has a quite different look from other types of business cards. 

A transparent business card attracts people in the best possible way. It impacts on the mind of the client. 


09. Standard Size Business Card

Standard size business card is another common but very popular type of business card. This card is useful for those who want to use diverse colors and fonts. 

Most of the people like this type of business cards for getting touch by the people of their target.


10. Luxury Business Card

Why do I need a luxury nosiness card? You need a luxury business card to highlight your business before other people. 

If your business is related to jewelry or fashion, a luxury business card will be more suitable for you. Stylistic fonts and colors of this card are amazing. 

Know all these facts about business card design; you may jump for creating a business card. Okay, you can claim your desired business card from here. Order now to experience the creative design.

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