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Ultimate Guide to Designing a Perfect Business Card

Who can’t make a business card? Everyone knowing design can make business cards. Right?

This idea is incorrect. One knows how to design something that doesn’t mean he can make a unique business card. Making a business card is a matter of particular skill.

Very few designers can make an accurate and unique business card that helps one to meet up his needs and requirements.

What do write on a business card?

A name, an address, a job title, and contact information. So, it shouldn’t be a difficult job to do for a designer, should it?

You may think now where the fact is. The fact is in the case of placing the information in the right place of the business card. The use of color and shape is also important to make a unique and effective business card.

There are a variety of business card designs. One needs to know the variety of design categories and concepts of business card design.

Isn’t business card an old concept of communication?

Of course, not. The necessity of business cards is still at the top of the needs of the people who deal with a business or service.

Still, people use business cards highly to build their engagement with more people.

What are the major reasons to use a business card?

Or, Why do I need a business card?

I have already said about this. You can imagine how people do business and contact their customers. If you observe the business world, you will find that business cards are required to

  1. Connect with the potential customers
  2. Make people know your brand
  3. Help people contact you easily
  4. Communicate both on online and physically

What is the information needs to put on a business card?

It’s known to all. If one carefully looks at the needs of business cards, he will easily realize the information that needs to be put on the business card.

Beware about putting the information on the business card. Undoubtedly, a business card is a good communication tool. But this effective tool lose its appeal if it is not handled correctly.

Putting too much information on the card may make someone confused.so, it’s important to put only the most important information on the business card.

Would you please tell about the use of information?

Yet, I am mentioning the information here:

  • Name
  • Company name
  • Job title
  • Company or personal Address
  • Contact number
  • Email ID
  • Website link
  • Slogan


These are the key information that should be put on the business card. Some other basic issues should be taken into consideration. Size, fonts, and color also play an important role here.

Can I use any color, shape, and fonts to make my business card?

The size of the business card should be standard to put all the information on it. It should not too small or too large. Rather, it should look appealing, pleasant and good for using the necessary information.

The standard size for your business card can be of 3.25 into 2 inches or 3.25 into 1.75 inches.

Fonts also need to be very clear to understand what you have written on the card. Arial, good times, New Romans can be a good choice to use on your business card.

Color can be of any type. But my suggestion for this is to use your brand color. You definitely use some particular colors in your logo, banner, and any kind of design activity.

So, it’s better to use the same brand color in the business card. A sort of harmony between the service and the business card will work.Would you miss this opportunity?

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How can I make it more service friendly?

Yes, this is the most significant point to make the card more service friendly and for smooth communication.

For this, you should use your company logo or the service logo on a side of your business card. This will let your card carry an identity of your service or business card.

As one side of your card will remain empty i.e. the back part, you may make the best use of this part by putting a logo of your service.

It will benefit your service surely. The designed business card will of course for good communication. But it will add extra value to your service.

The card with a logo of your service will carry a message to the people that will favor you. An automatic advertisement will proceed throughout a single business card.

Consequently, one business card will perform two jobs together!

So, never forget to use the brand logo of your company or the service you deal with. This will be an effective marketing tool for you.

Along with these facts, one needs to know some other particular points to go ahead for making a business card. You need to do something before the start of making a business card.

Some suggestions are here to follow:


1. Purpose of making your business card.

Like all other business activity, making a business card is no more out of objective. And, you should be aware of this objective to make a business card.

Purpose or objective whatever you say makes a clear roadmap for any sort of activity. If you are not conscious about having a business card with you, you hardly can go forward to make a well-designed card.

Thus, you need to have the objective very much clear to you. And this will lead you to reach the top of your success in making a perfect looking business card.

To avoid a haphazard condition in time of making your card, you should spend a considerable time to set your goal firmly.

Therefore, make your objective clear before you start to make a business card.


2. Make it simple but sublime

A business card should be simple. Here simplicity doesn’t mean a very common type of something. Instead of this, simplicity means easily recognizable, understandable, and usable.

You need to keep your business card simple so that one can easily read the information that has been put on the card.

If you make it a chunk of information, others may feel it difficult to read and understand the information on the card.

As the sole objective of using a business card is to help people feel ease in communication, the card needs to be simple and acceptable to the audience.

With the failure of maintaining simplicity, the business card will also lose its appeal to the people with whom you want to build a good communication setup.

Another important point to note is that the simplicity of your card should be touched by sublimity. Your card may look simple but it should be catchy with its simple form.

3. Putting accurate information

Actually, a business card is an accumulation of some information for communication. The information is the major subject of the business card, isn’t it?

Hence, the use of the information on the business card is very significant. Careful attention is essential for using accurate information on the business card.

Any wrong information will be a negative point for you. And it will spoil the quality and standard of your business card. So, keep your eye active over this matter.

On the other hand, a business card allows one to use only a few information on it. That’s why this is quite important to have a clear understanding to use the necessary information on the card.

The information needs to be there on the card in a standard way. Then the best use of using a business card will come true.

What you can do to do this is making a plan of using the information. Your plan to use the information should include the points:

  • will be easily readable
  • will be clear
  • will be concise
  • will be fruitful for smooth communication

If you can maintain these things to put the information on your card, hopefully, you will be able to get a good start to make a fine business card.

Have you got my points?

Overall, the information should be arranged in a proper way. This helps to create an interactive environment to build smooth communication.

These all are essential for making an effective business card. So, keep your focus on the best and accurate use of information on the card.


4. Maintain professionalism

In business, professionalism is a must. You have to maintain 100% professionalism in making your business card. It is important to give your target people a view of your business.

How to keep professionalism in time of making a business card?

You can maintain your business professionalism by putting the information on the card in an accurate way. Especially, the email address and phone number will tell people how professional you are.

For business, your phone call service may not be available to all the people for all time. To handle a large group of people, your phone call sometimes will remain unavailable to the people.

Or, they may not get you immediately. So, you need to have an alternative mechanism to get rid of this problem.

Again, it is worthy to recall that smooth communication is the prime objective of your business card.

Here your alternative can be the email address. When people will fail to get you available over the phone, they can go to contact you through the email you will provide on the business card.

This kind of activity will create a positive mindset among the people about your service and professionalism.


How to get started to make a business card?

Yes, we are going to enter at that point now. Some specific points are always essential for your advancement to make a business card.

Your preparation for making the business card will cover some specific areas. The below points are the most effective ones for making a unique business card.


1. Gather your own information

What do you want to put on the business card?

Of course, some information regarding you and your service. As you are going to put some information on the business card, you have to use only the necessary information there.

If you have less awareness about yourself or about your business, would you be able to make a list of important information about you and your business?

Hardly, you can do it so. To do this perfectly, you need to work on knowing yourself clearly. You cannot put any type of information you like to use. You have already learned this from the above discussion.

Only the valuable and necessary information should be there on the business card. So, gather and identify the most essential information for better communication through the business card.


2. Size and shape of the business card

The selection of the size and shape of your business card is quite important to start with a good attempt. The size is important on the basis of putting the information clearly on the business card.

Too small and too big will spoil the appeal of your card. That’s why it should be of perfect size and shape for putting the necessary information on it.

You have also been informed about the perfect size in the initial discussion of this article. So I am not going to repeat it here. You can have a look at the standard size of a business card from there again.

You can set the size of the business card from the file option of Photoshop software. You can set the size at the start or even you can set the size later.

However, the size and shape should match the placement of the use of information.


3. Confirm uniqueness

The most successful part of your business card is uniqueness. A unique thing is always welcome to everyone.

You need to focus on making your business card totally unique and different from anyone’s business card. No idea should be copied from others.

You even cannot do anything you like to make your business card unique. Rather, you can just use your creativity on the issue of fonts, logo, shape, and size.

Overall, your presentation of the information on the card needs to be unique. Your logo placement on the back of the business card should also be unique.

This uniqueness will create a huge difference between you and your competitors. This is also true that uniqueness always creates a permanent placement in the mind of any person.


4. Make it catchy

You can add a different color to make your business card catchy to the people. You are not restricted to use colors. But you should focus on your objective to do this.

The mere use of color is sometimes unprofessional. Yet, you can use the color patterns of your logo or your established brand.

What is the main objective of making the card catchy?

The main objective to make it catchy is to attract people to its information. If one feels attracted to the card, he will read the information with interest.

Another thing is that it will encourage the business card keeper to keep it carefully for further use.


5. Use Q-R code

A QR code is like a monogram on the business card that is also scan-able. A QR code is good for a standard business card. But it sometimes brings negative issues. Sometimes printing cannot be clear for the use of QR code.

This happens for the normal printer or normal use of QR code. But a standard use of QR code can avoid this problem.

As there is little information that you can put on the business card, a QR code can be a good option that you can use in your business card.

This also indicates your professionalism. So, use a QR code to pour a favor of professionalism.


6. Add your brand logo

A business card can of great use as a long-term marketing tool. If you add a logo on the business card, it will advertise your business to the people who will possess it.

It’s a good opportunity to use a brand logo on the business card for marketing your business. A logo along with the business name will help people to keep your company in their memory.

Thus, a simple business card can benefit you from two sides. One through communication and through marketing your business.

So, why should you miss the chance of automatic marketing of your business?


7. Use typography

You will use only a few pieces of information that will need little space on the business card. The rest of the business card will remain empty.

So, you can make its good use by using useful typography. It will make your business card eye-catchy and good looking to the people.

These are almost all the points that one requires to make a standard business card.

If you can follow and keep these points in time of making your business card, you will be guided totally towards a successful journey of having a lucrative business card.

Is there anything confusing? If you think you need any clarification of any point from this article, you are always welcome to contact me. You will get all the answers of your quarry.

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