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15 Common Mistakes in Logo Design

So, what's your brand logo? Do you think it is ok? Logos are the identity of a business. It needs to be attractive, memorable so that your customer can easily recall them. It may seem pretty easy, may look like a simple sign, but no, logos have something deep inside. It conveys the message of your brand, it conveys your brand's personality and so on. If you make mistakes in your business logo, it is like you are conveying this mistake for years after years. Just for those simple mistakes, you might lose a massive customer to get just with the perfect logo. So, let's check out the 15 common mistakes in logo design that must be avoided. 


Common Mistakes in Logo Design 

Your service can be good, but if you can not convey your personality with an attractive logo, you may lose your customer. So, let's check out those common mistakes in logo design that you must avoid or your design must avoid. 


  1. Copied From Others 

In business, time is money. So, we often made this mistake. To save our valuable time, we often set tough deadlines for the designer. However, design work is creative. Creativity takes time. It needs research, discussion and then one can come up with a great logo design idea. But if you give a tough deadline, all these processes can not be followed perfectly. Due to the pressure, they just copy and paste the design from others. Just think, you can copy the logo from FedEx, but the special meaning that the FedEx logo is bearing can not be yours. Besides, you can face copyright issues as well. 

So, do not copy from others while designing logos. If you are using a designing agency, give them a strict guideline for not copying it from others. Give them proper time so that they can come up with a very good design and idea. Try to make a logo that is unique and that conveys your unique brand personality


  1. So Many Ideas 

You may be very excited about your business. You must have dreams, and you must want to see them in reality. To do that, you might be putting so many ideas into the logo design. It happens to all of us in the first place. We often wanted to be the best in class in the business. Like Nike, like FedEx, we also want our business logo to be popular across the world. So, we put lots of ideas. Unfortunately, such an act ruined the logo design effort. Remember, simplicity is the best. Putting lots of ideas won't take you anywhere. Rather give you a very complex design logo. Besides, your design can be confusing too. So, avoid putting so many ideas in the logo design


  1. Poor Colour Combination 

Colour has its language. What colour you are using mostly conveys the message of your brand. Colour is also important for grabbing the audience's attention. So, if you choose a bad colour combination in your logo, no doubt it will ruin all the effort. Maybe your logo is meaningful, maybe your logo conveys the inner message of your brand, but just for the poor colour combination, you can hardly get the audience's attention. To avoid such mistakes, hire expert designers who have a good colour choice or have a good portfolio. Expert designers are very good at choosing a colour.  


  1. Making It Trendy 

We all want to walk with the flow. Trends seem like the most popular, but in reality, they vanish over time. Most designers, even some experienced designers, make this common mistake. To catch the flow, they make logos very trendy. Never make this mistake. Think and research while designing your logo. Do not select trendy fonts, do not select a trendy style. Rather select something that can stay for a long time.


  1. Rigid Logo Design 

Business is a long game. You have to plan for the long term. So each of the elements in your business should be planned in such a way that can be fit in your further business decision. So do not make a logo that can create problems in the future. Maybe due to the rigid design, you have to redesign the logo. No doubt, the redesign will increase the menu cost. This means you have to change your redesign logo everywhere. This will, in fact, become a big hindrance to your business expansion. 


Rather make a logo that can be fit and can convey your core business objective for a long time. Suppose you are a plastic bottle manufacturer. So, you decide to make a bottle as your logo. No doubt it is a good idea since it conveys your business function. But it will create problems when you want to manufacture more things with plastic-like, plastic tiffin box, plastic mug etc. In this situation, you have changed the logo everywhere you have already used it. So, it will cost you tons of money. Just think, the Nike logo is so abstract that it can be placed on anything. Your logo should be flexible


  1. Vague Instruction 

Most often, business owners can not convey the message properly to the designer. It happens because you might be giving so much irrelevant information. Sometimes, business owners present their business portfolio in brief. Such information has no relevance with the logo design. Rather it confused designers. With confusion, designers can not come up with a solid idea. 


So, be precise and accurate in your design brief. Make it relevant. Tell them your expectations. Also, tell them your business core objectives. Make it short as well so that the designer can get it right. For more clarity, give a written brief to the designer. All these will make your instruction accurate. With accurate and relevant information, designers will get the right direction and can easily come up with a perfect logo for your brand. 


  1. Use of stock images or clipart

Never ever do that. Clip art and the stock image will make your design very common for the audience. The logo should be unique, should not be taken from somewhere. It will convey your brand voice, your unique USP and the unique message of your business. So, using a stock photo or clip art will ruin all of these efforts. Besides, it will give a wrong message to your customer. They will find you unprofessional or novice in the business. So, be careful. Never ever use stock image and clip art in your logo. Choose expert graphics designers who will do the research and come up with a unique logo design that conveys your core business objective or core business USP. Take the example of FedEx. They did not use any stock image and clipart in their logo. Rather they made a logo that conveys instant delivery anywhere in the world. If you see closely at the logo of FedEx, you will see an arrow in between the letter E and X. This is how with the research, you should make your logo unique, catchy and memorable. 


  1. Irrelevant Signs 

Avoid using Co, LLC, Inc, PVT in the logo. These are not relevant. All these irrelevant signs make your logo look irrelevant. The logo should be free from irrelevant inclusions. However, you can use signs like ™ and © to show that your logo contains a commercial trademark or it is copyrighted. These two signs are fine because they are relevant. But Co, LLC, Inc are so relevant to the logo. So, avoid them. 


  1. Hiring Novice Logo Designer 

I would say this is the biggest mistake most owners make. The logo is not something that should be taken lightly. Remember, your business will convey this symbol for a lifetime. It may seem simple, but it is not—experience talks. Experienced designers know how to deliver the perfect logo within the deadline. Experienced designers are efficient and effective. However, novice designers can sound money-saving, but they can not come up with something new. Besides, you will also face poor colour combination, errors in design, not a well-researched logo design, copy-paste design and so on. So hire someone who is skilled, knowledgeable, have a good portfolio of logo design and very experienced. 


  1. Using Too Many Fonts

Many designers fall in love with too many fonts. So they tend to use them in logo design. The first rule of a logo design is clarity. So, it should be simple. Using too many fonts can confuse your audience. Your logo can be hardly understood. So, do not use too many fonts in the logo. Make it simple and clear with one font. However, you can use two fonts in the logo but not more than that.


  1. Using Too Much Text 

A logo is a symbol, not a text. So, if you use too much text, it won't be catchy for the target customer. Most amateur designers make such mistakes. To make the logo simple, they make it text-based. Text-based logos are not bad. In fact, there are many famous logos that are text-based, but they should be at a minimum level. Or your text should look like a logo or specific symbol. You can make a good combination of text and symbol in your logo design. But you should never ever use so many texts in your logo.  


  1. Improper Use of Space 

In designing, very small things matter. Space may sound very simple for you, but for the logo, it is the major thing. You need to maintain a proportionate space in your logo design. Inconsistent space will make your logo look unprofessional. So, check the space between letters and the symbol and make it proportionate. 


  1. Not Using White Space 

White is good. Sometimes leaving a white space helps design stand out. It makes the design readable and attractive. Not keeping white space, on the other hand, makes the logo look clumsy and unprofessional. Yes, most amateur designers make such mistakes. To make their logo attractive, they put so many things in the logo design and do not leave a single white space. So, make sure your logo has the right amount of white space. 


  1. Using Outdated Trend 

Using trends is always bad—no matter whether you have used the recent one or the old one. Using shadows, emboss, Bavel is some of the 90s trends. Using them won't leave you anywhere. Even if you want to use them, you have to make sure they are relevant to the concept. This is the 21st century, so your design needs to be modern, flexible and relevant, not something that shows outdated trends. 


15. Considering Personal Preference 

Your logo is not for your own use; it is for your customer. But most of the time, we put our own preference in the logo design. Own preference is good, but it should be well researched and relevant. It should convey your brand personality and message. It should be designed for your target customer, not for you. So, do not push your personal preference in the logo design. If you are a designer, research first, put yourself in the customer's shoes, find out the main USP and convey that USP in the logo design. In short, everything you include in your design should be well researched and well analyzed. It should be made for your customers, never ever for you. 


How to Get Flawless Design 

Make your logo flawless because it is important. Your logo represents you in the market. It must be flawless. Wondering how you can make your logo flawless? Graphics Design Limited is the answer. Graphics design limited have bunches of expert designers. They are experts in graphics design. 


They have been in the market for years. They provide customer-first service. To them, customers come first, not the profit. Yes, they are not profit-driven and not so bluntly commercial. They will take your logo design assignment very seriously and make sure it will be free from all kinds of mistakes. 


When you place an order, a team from Best Graphics Design Limited starts to research the market, target customers and your business. After brainstorming and proper research, they come up with raw ideas. 


After your confirmation, their dedicated team starts working on your project. After completion, they provide 3 phases of revision and then they send the design to you. With such dedication and team effort, customers get a complete flawless logo design from Graphics Design Limited. 



The design may sound easy, but it is not. It required professional touch and a good amount of research. Only an experienced logo designer can give you a flawless design within the shortest possible time. The logo will convey your business everywhere, so it should be sophisticated and flawless. Graphics Design Limited has a bunch of expert designers who can make flawless logos for your business. So, why are you waiting? Contact Graphics Design Limited for logo design and get the flawless logo at an affordable cost.


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