The Top 10 Graphics Design Trends in 2022

The last two years have been a disastrous year for all of us. Our life has changed and everything the way we used to do has changed dramatically. The graphic design industry and trends is no exception and left behind the conventional way of working and adapted the new work way. This pandemic has hit hard and very hard for all of us, many people are maintaining social distance with others, businesses are going digital, working from home. Customers want more and more fresh content to consume and enjoy. 

As a result a lot of new ideas have been introduced in the market. Now as the new year has started and things are looking to get better and better day by day, we can now expect that everything will be back to normal. 

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What style is trending in the graphic design world?

Now the time has come to disclose with you the top 10 graphic design trends that will rule the world of design in this post pandemic are:-
1. Organic Design
2. DIY Design
3. Nostalgia Design
4. Illustration
5. Gold and Jewel Tones
6. Abstract Futurism
7. Organized Chaos
8. Symbols and Symbolism
9. Diversity and Representation
10. Serif Fonts

The Top 10 Creative Graphic Design Trends For 2022

1. Organic Design

The year 2021 was dominated by sustainable and environment friendly design as a result there is no slowing down in organic design style. It is deeply implanted into the surroundings around us, and it is all about using pure tactile substances - example neutral colors, organic textures, botanicals and natural shapes to lighten up and feel the essence of nature. 

What is Organic Design

Organic design is a style that has been used in various places of design broadly. Like - Graphic design, Fashion product design, Interior design, etc. Visuals inspired by mother nature are considered to be the best graphic design trends of 2021. Neutral colors have become very much popular among graphic designers and used widely. As it clones the environment's natural color. Beside these greens, blue, soft browns, faded pinks and beige, white can be a promising addition to a neutral color palette. To make them brighter this colour is used alone or mixed with other colours. 

What is a Cottagecore Aesthetic?

Cottagecore is an aesthetic that is made up of skills, rural life and crafts examples are - baking, pottery, foraging etc. Cottagecore gives importance to simple life which is an escape from the modern world and provides purity of nature and outdoors alongside. Cottagecore started as an interior design trend but later made its way into the luxury brands like - Dior, Louis Vuitton etc. It started a few years back but didn't get the recognition but in 2021 it got the attention and will hold its position in 2022 as well. Many people loved the design of cottagecore aesthetic and predicted it would lead its way up in 2022 and many more years ahead. 

2. DIY Design

For the past few years, digital watercolor, digital illustration and creative styles have made their stand in the design world strongly with an increase in hand drawn and hand made designs. The designers are switching back to the basics. Moreover, organic design is gaining popularity day by day and we are also observing that DIY design is not far behind as more and more designers and artists are using it in their designs. 
How to Create DIY Design

A lot of DIY designers are now working with different methods and materials - including raw illustration, natural textures - mixed mediums, wood, paper and twine etc. DIY is perfect for recalling a personalised and homemade feel. Many individuals are yearning for connection and community at this time of uncertainty. As a result, we will see this tendency intensify in 2022. Another reason for its growth is that it is local, and customers believe they are helping the larger good.

3. Nostalgia Design

This design made its way back in 2019, this retro design trend was used in almost everything from pop culture, social media, graphic design, interior, industrial and design space. In 2021 it made a sudden change and now it is called the nostalgia design trend. 

Why Is Nostalgia So Powerful

Nostalgia is powerful because it focuses on the things that we love and we know rather than creating new things. Nostalgia creates stuff that is familiar to us which creates a unique and strong relationship between us and the design. It works as a psychological tool that provides our life a meaning and purpose. If we see known things it gives us happiness and comfort. Nostalgia design trend has been embraced by many designers and many brands are using it like - Gucci, Pepsi, Nike. It has proved a valuable tool for the past few years. As a result many designers are positively thinking of using this tool in their designs. Some are conducting experiments with different things like - modern pop art, heavy lines of vintage comics and grainy colours. Many 90’s design trends made their way back in 2021 through nostalgia. Nostalgia is not going anywhere, it is going to saty a long time in 2022 and many more years to come. 

4. Illustration  

The eruption of digital art has seen a lot of new and exciting illustration styles surfacing online. However illustration is not a new trend, many companies and graphic designers are incorporating digital illustration and hand drawn elements into their website and branding. In the digital world hand drawn illustration can add a distinctive, unforgettable and personal aspect to any design. 

How Do We Use Illustrations?

Matching with hand drawn features and illustrations with modern design elements like - detailed lines, geometric 3D shapes or photographs and bold colours can also produce really nice designs. We have observed a rise in things for authentic, organic and handmade in the past few years so it is not surprising that illustration is also going in that same direction. 

Hand-drawn or painted outlines are getting sketchier and more unpleasant and advanced delineations are getting grainier, more finished and more natural in their shape. By commending these defects in their plan style brands can appear to be more relatable and bona fide to their clients.

5. Gold and Jewel Tones

As Envato's most famous shade of the year for a very long time running, gold actually rules as the Queen of valuable metals. And keeping in mind that it's development is somewhat declining maybe because of the troublesome financial occasions many have been confronting, it's actually set to be probably the most sultry shade of 2022.

Why Is Gold So Popular

As a plan component, gold is unbelievably adaptable. It very well may be utilised in varieties of metallic, matte, glossy, shimmering or emblazoned, and looks incredible whether utilised as an emphasis, to plans totally dribbling in gold. As found in Harvey Nichols' venture 'Repair' and &Walsh's Jay Z X Barneys Luxury Fashion Line, gold can lend a lavish, very good quality feel to any project. It can likewise be utilised close by other differentiating surfaces, tones and materials – like neutrals, pastels and natural surfaces – to give it a more quieted and current edge. 

Along these lines, gem tones are set to turn into a major pattern in 2022.

What are Jewel Tones

Including profound, rich shadings that produce an easily lavish taste, gem tones are a range of tones roused by valuable and semi-valuable gemstones, like Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald. Regularly, gem tones are profound and marginally quieted with a high shading immersion, making them particularly unique for visual computerization, item plan and inside plan. Notwithstanding the current financial, climate and overall crises of 2021, diamond tones have extended in distinction among Envato customers all through the latest a year, including Azure, Amber, Amethyst, Sapphire and Jade.

6. Abstract Futurism

From the science fiction taste of CyberPunk to the very current, moderate style of ergonomic plan, futurism has consistently been a famous visual style. Normally including cutting edge innovation and an idealistic viewpoint, futurism is based on the removed obscure making it quite possibly the most inventive and creative plan topics. 

Joining conceptual and cutting edge components like mathematical plan, 3D shapes, skimming objects, splendid tones, metallics, oddity and optical fantasies, 'Dynamic Futurism' is another super current and exploratory type of advanced plan just as a pattern expected to take over in 2022. 

A style originally advocated by the suspended, pivoting development regularly utilised in tech ads, all through 2021 creators began consolidating drifting articles with mathematical components and splendid shadings. Presently, this style has advanced to incorporate metallic surfaces, tumultuous shading combos, and strange, dynamic scenes to make a really entrancing and interesting new plan pattern – as found in the novel work of Grigori Shevtsov and Local Doctor.

Unique futurism for me is the earlier years pattern of vaporwave seeping into moderation clarifies Kate. Like different patterns of 2021, conceptual futurism inspires a quiet, alleviating environment and a getaway from the real world. My drawn out expectation is that the rainbow chrome and strange scenes will move towards a rethinking of the Y2k advanced tasteful.

7. Organized Chaos

2021 has been the mixture of good and bad. Yet, on the off chance that it has shown us anything, it's to toss all guidelines and assumptions out the window and discover solace in the mayhem. The 'Coordinated Chaos' plan pattern is tied in with doing exactly that, joining the confusion of hostile to plan with the coordinated construction of moderation, and discovering technique in the frenzy.

What is Anti-Design?

Regularly portrayed as appalling, the counter plan development of 2021 was tied in with accepting the ugly in dissent of the conventional guidelines of a good plan. Highlighting misrepresentation, misshaped text, layering, conflicting tones and tumultuous composition, the odd yet famous universe of hostile to configuration is unquestionably a mixed bag. In any case, because of the worldwide emergency and the adversities it has carried with it, individuals are currently wanting a more settled style of configuration moving into 2022.

8. Symbols and Symbolism

Going back millennia, images and imagery have consistently been tied in with investigating association and comprehensiveness. So it's nothing unexpected that, all through perhaps the most fierce years ever, numerous architects have gone to imagery to make a feeling of local area and unity. 

Thus, we've started to see more images and representative visuals arising in plan all through 2021 for example, in this task Metamorphosis Symbols by Bogdan Katsuba and Ophiuchus Design or this emblematic piece by Australian artist Frances Cannon. This is a plan pattern we hope to fill in 2022 as more planners use images to underline strength, development and strengthening.

What Are Some Common Symbols In Design

Throughout the most recent couple of years, there's been an expanded interest in mysterious, other-common plan patterns like otherworldliness, black magic, sorcery and astronomical plan, which has prompted the expanded utilisation of imagery in plan. Spreading over the domains of crystal gazing, brain science, belief system, and philosophy, the force of images is their capacity to rise above language and address a common perspective of involvement. Also, numerous architects are presently inventively consolidating images of force, love and expectation into their plans – like strict images, profound themes, the zodiac, nature and the universe.

9. Diversity and Representation

With the expanded spotlight on friendly, political and natural issues across the world in 2021, expanded variety and portrayal in plan will be a critical concentration in 2022 and past.

Why Is Diversity Important In Design?

Because of a significant number of the large friendly developments all through 2021 – like Black Lives Matter, emotional well-being, women's liberation, body inspiration, LGBTQI+ rights and that's just the beginning – we saw an expanded interest for pictures that delineated a comprehensive and assorted society, with key pursuit terms driving substance around variety, inclusivity, and psychological well-being mindfulness.

10. Serif Fonts

All through 2021, we've been seeing a resurgence of special and lavish serif text styles in visual communication. As opposed to the moderate sans-serif drifts that have been really mainstream in the course of recent years, 2022 textual style patterns appear to be changing course, with numerous creators accepting the arrival of the serif.

What Is A Serif Font

Basically, serifs are the little "handles" connected to the edges of letters in a piece of typography. Serifs have been associated with older forms and excess since the fourteenth century, but a revival of intriguing and updated serif textual styles is fast gaining traction in the visual communication business.


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